Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

SMU Mustangs

With their latest addition to the team, SMU Mustangs team seems to be one that has enough firepower muscle and elegance to play them.
The latest addition to their team Mitch Enright and Pete Fleps. Both Mitch and Pete are students, and for students to land a place in the team, they will need to have a GPA score of 3.2 and above. Most All-Academic team capable of landing two student athletes with the exception of Marshall, Southern Miss, Tulane and UTEP. These teams are able to clean one each student athlete.
Mitch Enright scored on a 3.99 GPA as a management major. This allows him to find a place in the team Mustang '. As of now, Enright registered with the Cox School of Business and is pursuing a graduate management degree. This comes on the back of his finishing graduate level management in a record time of three years. He has become an active participant in sports as well. He is a member of the Soccer Team All-District and Academic Conference of the United States winner. He has also won the Commissioners Honor Roll for two consecutive years.
Obviously, there is one thing that may be all Mustangs Mitch may not be able to gather together - Brain! His more than acceptable GPA score is a perfect testimony to that. One look at the games he has played and is easy for people to know that here is someone who plays mainly with the brain rather than muscle strength. Mustangs team already boasts some heavy Knockers, seems to add some more muscle with the addition of Enright.
As if that was not enough, sophomore teammate, Pete Fleps also find a place on the team. Pete might not be academically strong as Mitch, with his GPA score of 3:54 is sufficient evidence to reality, but in terms of game play, he is second to none others. Pete has the unique distinction of scoring 23 tackles in one game at Navy. Now, not many players have been able to get this kind of achievement. Only three players before Pete has been able to claim that the achievement of their names.
For Pete, the list of accomplishments continues to handle 106 for high school in 2008. Four pass break up, dealing with a loss of 6.5 and some groping and cottage, really put him on the table all academic high school players. In terms of confidence in the field, Pete is not too far away from Mitch.
Pete and Mitch, it must be said, seems an excellent investment for the Mustang team. With intelligence and deal with the aggressive style of play they bring to the table, these people will add tremendous value team.